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Since its conception in 2012, Pracasya and Co. realized the value of integrity, professionalism and teamwork, as a guide to success for the clients. We are dedicated to provide unparalleled assistance and support to clients and embody high ethic and integrity in our diverse arrays of expertise.
We believe that the dynamic and progressive rhythm by which our clients are diving themselves demand equally vigorous and flexible legal professionals to assist them achieve their goals. It is only with full time commitments to our clients that we can give them professional services to match their needs.
We focus on providing accurate and efficient services for our clients. The extensive team of our lawyers is experienced in their particular fields and is succinctly capable of and has the correct capabilities in crossing over into realms other than their specific area, if client’s requirements demand such strategies.
Our lawyers are constantly made aware of the uncompromising emphasis we put teamwork. Working personally, they can provide competent legal services. Working as team, they have the power to overcome every challenges are posed to them by sometimes unbendable work effectively as a team without sacrificing their ability to work independently and exercise decisive initiative.

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RM. Riesky Putra Pracasya

Mr. Riesky graduated in 2007 from the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia majoring in Procedural Law. He is active in handling a corporate, commercial structuring, foreign investment and trade transactions. His experiences lies with the structuring and preparations of agreements, legal opinion and other legal documentations concerning company establishment, company dissolutions and liquidation, legal due diligence of various companies, merger and acquisitions, joint venture, joint operations, debt and corporate restructuring and also bond issuance. He also handles farm and fishery, property, telecommunications and constructions, manufacturing, industry, airport business and employment matters.

Before found the Pracasya and Co. in 2012, Mr. Riesky has extensive experiences as legal counsel, initiated as associate in a prominent law firm in Jakarta, specializing in litigation and alternative dispute resolutions which majoring clients are celebrity. Following after, Mr. Riesky was joined Ralph Utama and Co as Senior Lawyer, then He joined to Adam&Bayu Attorneys at law, Mr. Riesky had appointed as the Junior Partner.
During his worked in those firms, Mr. Riesky handled various transactions conducted by certain state owned companies, multinational companies and national companies. He is a member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI) and Inter-Pacific Bar Association (IPBA). Nowadays, He also serve to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia as the Advisor and majorly provide important advice for relevant cases and issues.
He is active as a speaker and trainer in various seminars, training and workshops. He also attended international networking conferences in many countries, various training programs, colloquia and seminars in the fields of corporate and commercial issues, foreign investment and trade. He strongly have ability to analyzed, speak and negotiate pertaining to the case and issue. He speaks fluent in English and Indonesian.



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